Embroidery Fans,

We are holding a contest and it’s easy to win!

This Friday will be giving away THREE $25 Gift Certificates to BlastoStitch.com REMEMBER all of our designs are $1 each, so if you win, $25 will get you lots!

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

1. Click here to go to BlastoStitch.com

2. Create a wishlist and give it a theme. Populate the wishlist with designs that complement your list. For example…create a wishlist called “Puppy Love” and fill it with our best dog designs….or “Outdoor Fun” and populate your wishlist with camping designs. Be creative and get noticed!

3. On Friday May 22nd 2015 we will pick three of the most fun, creative & unique wishlists. The creators of these will each win a $25 gift certificate for our store!

Join us by clicking HERE

Create & Enjoy!


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